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At Johnson Space Center (1982) At NASA Headquarters. With NASA administrator, James Beggs. (1984)
At Baikonur Cosmodrome (1990) In Hanamaki, home of Kenji Miyazawa’s The Night of the Milky Way Train. With Prof. Megumi Hara (1993)
 At Kennedy Space Center. STS-66.  With Haruko T. O’Neill (1994)
At Hermitage. With Leonardo’s Madonna with a Flower (1995)
At Star City (1995) At TsUP in Korolev (1995)
At 221b Baker Street (1997) At Subaru Telescope on the summit of Mt. Mauna Kea (1999)
At Super-Kamiokande (1999) In Pompeii (1999)
At Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory (1999) At Bibliotheca Alexandria (2003)

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