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Temptation of Imagination

Temptation of Imagination

ImageMr. Terakado is also well versed in art and literature. He examined the boundary area between science and art and published a series of articles entitled °»Temptation of Imagination°… (1994-1995) for ERASMUS, the quarterly magazine of HUIS TEN BOSCH, a theme park in Nagasaki.

1) Memory of the distant past which could have happened: Hieronymus Bosch°«s Garden of Earthly Delights

2) Iron dreams or the whirling spirit of time: Gustave Eiffel°«s Eiffel Tower

3) Lineage of a long lost place: Thomas More°«s Utopia

4) The monochrome moon and 380,000 kilometers deja vu: Georges Melies°«s A Trip to the Moon

5) The sacred scarab beetle that purifies the world: Jean-Henri Fabre°«s Entomological Souvenirs

6) Vision released from gravity: M. C. Escher°«s Another World

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